March Madness Squares Pool

Our squares pool will start with the Sweet 16, which begins on Saturday, March 27th! Please encourage your family, friends and teams to buy a square for a chance to win up to $3200.

Here's all the details for information on how to play:

Buy one $50 square... Get on 15 boards!!! Eight Sweet 16 games, Paying $100 each Four Elite 8 games, Paying $200 each Two Semi-final games, Paying $400 each Championship game, Paying $800 It’s simple, buy one spot on our proxy square board (linked below). Once the board fills up, it will be copied, and you will have the same spot, and same numbers for all 15 games. Direct link to proxy board: (Must be signed up on ScoreSplit to view this) *Please note, for this fundraiser you have to sign up to the website, since multiple games are linked and tracked to one user.*

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