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Senior Student Athlete Scholarships

Every April, the Sandburg Athletic Booster Club is honored to award 20, $1,000 scholarships to student athletes.


In order to be eligible for a Senior Scholarship in April, student athletes must have been a member of the Athletic Booster Club for all 4 years.


In addition, all applicants must have at least a 2.75 grade point average at the end of their 7th semester, be a varsity athlete during the current year, and must be attending a post-secondary institution in the following school year.

*Please click on the button below to access the scholarship application through the Sandburg Guidance Office.  Instructions for submitting your application can be found on the Guidance Department's Website. Applications will be available in mid-February for the 2022 graduating class.


Applications are due by 3:15 p.m. on March 7, 2022 .

2021 Scholarship Recipients:

Omar Elagha

Ben Borgman

Edward Howaniec

John Michael Scumaci

Ahmed Alhayek

Griffin Lenhardt

Daniel Durkin

Zach Bateman


Sunbi Kwan

Paige Killen

Elizabeth Watson

Ella Jeffries

Hannah Scanlon

Gabriella Morris

Joanna James

Lily Nevin

Ayushi Chudgar

Jordan Paddock

Mary Therese Nevin

Isabella Corluka

2020 Scholarship Recipients:

Konstance Dellis

Grace Badon

Rachel Krasowski

Julia Canellis

Meghan McCurdy

Rachel Parthemore

Julia Stefanon

Hailey Farrell

Grace Corluka

Anna Piacente

Nicole Rooks

Grace Willie

Mia Strolia

Zoe Schultz

Stephanie Gaspardo


Will Giblin 

Ben Giblin 

Hani Ali

Michael Richards

James Ferguson

James Hart

Carson Bruce

Thomas Cosler

Michael Drez

Jan Urbas

David Vales

Atharva Atreya

Jack Walsh

Will Tenuta

Evan Walsh

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