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Student Spirit Showdown

In our meeting from 3-20-21 we devoted time to judging the class 3A/4A Student Spirit Showdown videos. We watched over 30 great videos that really demonstrated the positive efforts schools are making to help their communities. As the IHSA Student Advisory Committee we voted on the video from the school that demonstrated the most school spirit, positivity, and giving back to the community.

I am so proud to announce that Sandburg has been crowned the 2021 Student Spirit Showdown State Champions! The video not only captured the positivity our school has shown through these difficult times, but also what we have done to give back to our community. “This contest was a fun way to try and recognize all the positive things that are happening with our students and in our schools, despite the hardships of the pandemic,” said “IHSA Assistant Executive Director Beth Sauser. “Congratulations to Sandburg for documenting their amazing efforts to win this contest, and kudos to all the students who are making positive contributions to their schools, communities, and teams!”

Our school spirit really is unlike any other! If you haven’t seen the awesome video yet, here is the link to check it out!

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Unknown member
Apr 25, 2021

This is awesome!

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