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2021 Leadership Conference Planning

In April, we said a sad goodbye to our seniors and got to meet our new members of the IHSA SAC! We have a total of 21 members and six of them were welcomed for the first time! This meeting’s discussion consisted of our plans for our upcoming biennial leadership summit. The 2021 Summit will be held online and available over the summer for more kids to participate in.

The IHSA Leadership Conference is now a semi-annual event that in the past has drawn in excess of 700 students from all across Illinois to a single location to spend a day learning about three core principles: Communication, Leadership, and Sportsmanship. The conference curriculum is based on The Captain’s Handbook. The 2021 Summit will be covering many different topics such as effective communication, sportsmanship, building relationships, improving team image, and characteristics of a leader. Committee members will be assigned topics to research and present at the summit. Additionally, we are still in the process of determining guest speakers to provide professional advice to help students grow into successful leaders.

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