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New Shot Clock Suggestions for IHSA Varsity Basketball 2022-2023 Season

Hi everybody, at our last meeting we discussed our biennial leadership conference that we create for all students in Illinois. Due to COVID restrictions and funding it is going to be held virtually in the Spring of 2022. Look for more to come on this program in the near future.

We also discussed new regulations for IHSA sports. A major regulation that is seriously being considered is a shot clock for girls and boys varsity basketball teams. Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, the National Federation of State High School Associations will allow varsity boys and girls basketball games to use shot clocks in games. However, nothing is completely set until the IHSA board of directors makes their official decision in June.

Last month, the IHSA surveyed 600 schools and below are their responses.

  • 19% support a shot clock implementation

  • 47% support the shot clock used experimentally in regular-season tournaments

  • 54% support the IHSA board of directors creating a timeline for future shot clock implementation

As a varsity basketball player I think that a shot clock is a very good idea because it

will better prepare student athletes who want to play in college. It will really improve the speed of the game as well as the efficiency of scoring for both teams. Overall, I think it would be extremely beneficial for high school teams to play with a shot clock in order to improve players’ skills and advance the game.

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